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T1 & EOC Connectivity

T1 and EoC are the most  commonly used digital transmission service in the United States, Canada, and Japan. Many companies use T1 service to provide both voice and internet or just Internet connectivity.

A T1 circuit is a dedicated point-to-point line from your business’ network to the telephone company’s central office and then to the ISP. This fiber optic or copper line can carry data at a rate of approximately 1.5 Mbps.

In addition to a single T1, carriers have the ability to provide customers with bonded T1s.


For each T1 in the bond, the speed of the connection increases by 1.5 Mbps. So, for example, if you have two bonded T1s, your connection speed is approximately 3 Mbps. If you have three bonded T1s, the connection travels at 4.5 Mbps, and so on.

A T1 line is often a good fit for a small or medium sized business needing broadband Internet service for twenty to fifty Internet users. The monthly cost of such a line is typically based on distance from the nearest central office, but is generally higher than that of Cable or DSL.



Recommended T1/ EoC Carriers
Time Warner Telecom
ACC business

­The speed ranges for T1 service is 1.5Mbps to about 12 Mbps. EoC is available in most cities in the US and speeds range from 2Mbps to 100mbps EoC. Higher speeds are available in areas where the facilities have been built out to accommodate more bandwidth. T1 and EoC carriers continue to rely on copper to deploy since this is a much more established network than Fiber.

Signs that your business might need a T1 or EoC connection:

  •    Your business has a need for both voice and internet that is stable and 99.99% reliable
  •    You currently are having voice quality issues because you use Cable internet to run your voice over IP phone service
  •    Your business uploads and or downloads a large amount of data on a daily basis.
  •    You need to connect all your offices to your main site (MPLS or Point to Point)
  •    You need to move your businesses info to the cloud on a regular basis
  •    You need T1 or EOC service to run both your hosted Voice service and provide internet to the office.


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