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Hosted Voip is your business’s phone system. With this service you are able to take your business with you wherever you go. With one system you can single-handedly manage correspondence with all your clients and customers .Managing your phone system is easy…..  All administration is carried via a web interface. Meaning you can completely change, manipulate and monitor all your telecom operations from a click of a mouse. Not to mention you get countless features like Find me, follow me, voice mail to email and click to call.

  • Plug it any where and be connected
  • Get your voicemails sent to you by email
  • Connect your cell phone to the network and be connected on the go
  • Enhanced features on the newest devices

A voice over Internet (VoIP) business phone service providers run on a core platform by a service provider for both businesses and residential user. Users are connected via the Internet to the providers platform and all calls are transported over the Internet. Hosted Voip has additional features such as voice mail, call routing and call forwarding that are available either as standard or for additional monthly fees.  Hosted Voip business phone sehosted-voiprvice can benefit any business that is always on the go.

Being able to connect is important, and having the best technology working for your business helps keep you running efficiently. Why waste time calling your voice mail when you can have them emailed to you? Why only be available in the office when you can take a call at the Airport?

Other things you can with Hosted Voip: video conferencing, streaming multimedia distribution, instant messaging, presence information, file transfer, fax over IP and online games. Most phone equipment, servers and services are hosted by the VoIP provider, which manages calls and routes them to and from the subscriber’s existing telephony system and equipment.

Features your business will need to keep up with today market place

  • Portability- Having employee work remotely is not only cost effective it has proven more efficient.
  •  Flexibility- Change, adjust and manage your phone system at a click of a mouse.
  •  Efficiency- Voicemail to email and find me follow me will make your employees work smoother thus making your business work better.
  •  Accountability- Track, monitor and even record your business calls anytime from anywhere
  • Best prices- We work with 15 different companies. We have a company that will fit your business’s needs.
  •  Last but not least!!!! NOT MORE PHONE VENDORS! Never pay for a phone vendor to work on your phone system again. These phones pre-programmed and ready to go once they hit the internet.

Recommended carriers for Hosted IP
Tips from Fast Business Internet Pros

Hosted IP solutions have some a long way.

*             If you order more than 5 phones we can offer Free Cisco 303G handsets with your purchase of internet and voice
*             Always put your voice on internet from the same carriers and always request QoS (quality of service) or CoS(class of service)


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