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Cable Connectivity

Cable Internet service is a type of  connection that transmits data over a network, similar to that of standard TV. Typically faster than DSL and cheaper than fiber-optic, using a cable Internet connection offers a great balance of speed and affordability that is dependable.

Cable Internet carriers use special modems that connect either through a wireless router or direct ethernet cord. Most cable carriers provide great download and upload speeds, so it enables you to download large amounts of data, like streaming through Netflix.cable-modem-intro

Benefits of Cable High-Speed

Speed – Cable connections are incredibly quick, with some  Internet providers able to deliver download speeds as fast as 100 Mbps
Consistency – While the speed of a DSL connection is based on how close your house is to the phone company, a cable connection will have a consistent speed no matter how far away the cable company is
No Landline Required – connection does not require a phone line, which can help save you money
Price – high-speed service typically delivers the lowest cost per Mbps in a given area
Always On – Unlike a dial-up connection, a cable connection is constantly connected and ready whenever you are.

Recommended Cable Carriers
Time Warner Cable

——- Tips from the Fast Business Internet pros—–

Over the years many businesses have moved to IP based phone systems meaning the phones ride on the internet connection you have. Many business owners want to pay less and have more features and better service. The problem is that customers will layered the IP based phones on cable connectivity…….in theory the customer thinks they have plenty of bandwidth.  Many businesses have been burned by using cable as their voice and primary internet connection.

Customers experience issues because of the nature of the cable network. Cable internet has higher latency, higher ping times and more outages per year than T1, EoC and Fiber. We dont recommend this for a voice connection, and that it main cause issues that businesses now have with VoiP on Cable internet are voice echoing, static, garbled conversations, dropped calls etc.  There are also not SLA’s(service level agreement) with this kind of service meaning this is a best effort connection to the internet. Not guaranteed. We recommend that you use Cable internet as an internet source.  We set businesses up for success, and efficiency.


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