What Can a Telecom Analyst Do For Me?

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What Can a Telecom Analyst Do For Me?

Telecommunications analysts are an important part of any business environment. These analysts are responsible for managing the voice and data systems within a company’s infrastructure, and ensure that all networks are operating.

A telecom analyst can assess the needs of the company and decide which services are ideal for the business to run smoothly. Telecommunications services include voice or data services, such as phone, fax, internet, and networking. Telecom analysts update all communications systems to change as the business grows, and is required to offer solutions for any issues that may arise.


Telecom analysts will decide which type of phone service is best for your business. With options like traditional service or VoIP, some businesses may get better rates with by using an analyst. They will know what different communications companies offer, and can easily compare the big names with the market rate. Telecom analysts will set your business up with the right services for video conferencing, mobile phone devices, and wireless communications.


Telecom analysts maintain the networks and make sure they are functioning efficiently. They monitor the amount of traffic and determine costs associated with the volume. From this, they can recommend bandwidth requirements, and find the best deal for your business. Telecom contactimageanalysts are trained to understand the different types of network and can answer difficult technical questions regarding cable, fiber, DSL, or T1 networks. They are especially suited to use their knowledge in the technical field to benefit your business. Quality analysts make sure that any information transmitted via the network is safe and secure, as well as check for vulnerabilities and attempts at service interruptions. The telecom analyst is the central figure to a business’s network operations. Telecom analysts use their years of experience and knowledge to benefit your business, as other employees may have some knowledge about network operations, but aren’t able to troubleshoot and extensively monitor the network due to other obligations or lack of training.


Telecom analysts are often good communicators. Aside from relaying information about the company’s systems, a good telecom analyst needs to connect with carriers and service providers, negotiate rates, and get the best deal for your business. Often, analysts can offer a better price than the large name corporations. These analysts will have excellent mathematical skills that allow them to process data and analyze information. Most companies don’t have another employee who is specifically trained to do these tasks, and therefore are probably not getting the most out of their telecommunications services.

Hiring a telecom analyst for your business is the best way to get to the bottom line and deliver results to optimize your business services and increase productivity, all while being as cost efficient as possible. While you can rely on an in house staffer to manage your telecommunications, you’ll never get the same results as you will with an expert telecom analyst. To speak with one of our experienced analyst click here